GENESIS 39:1 "And Joseph was brought down to Egypt; and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, an Egyptian, bought him of the hands of the Ishmeelites, which had brought him down thither. 2 And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. 3 And his master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD made all that he did to prosper in his hand. 4 And Joseph found grace in his sight, and he served him: and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he had he put into his hand. 7 And it came to pass after these things, that his master's wife cast her eyes upon Joseph; and she said, Lie with me. 8 But he refused, and said unto his master's wife, Behold, my master wotteth not what is with me in the house, and he hath committed all that he hath to my hand; 9 There is none greater in this house than I; neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? 10 And it came to pass, as she spake to Joseph day by day, that he hearkened not unto her, to lie by her, or to be with her. 11 And it came to pass about this time, that Joseph went into the house to do his business; and there was none of the men of the house there within. 12 And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out. 13 And it came to pass, when she saw that he had left his garment in her hand, and was fled forth, 20 And Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the king's prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison. 21 But the LORD was with Joseph, and showed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison."



This chapter is an excellent example of perseverance. Joseph went through so many years of hardship, yet he never let it get him down to the point of dispair. Now, I didn't say he never got discouraged. Everyone goes through periods of discouragement; everyone hits a low now and then. But, if we just realize that though God lets us walk down roads of disappointment, though he allows Satan to tempt us and try us, He always knows right where we are! He never leaves us on the road of disappointment alone!

After Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers at age 17, he was sold again by the Midianites to a man named Potiphar; captain of the king's guards. Joseph was much like his father. Just as God blessed Jacob and made him to prosper, He caused Joseph to also be favored among men. Joseph was smart and a hard worker. Soon, Potipher had trusted everything he had to Joseph's care; that is, everything except his wife. As the chapter unfolds, Potipher's wife makes sexual advances toward Joseph. She keeps this up day after day. Being honest and honorable, Joseph declines her invitations. One day she grabs him by the coat. Joseph, unwilling to fight with his master's wife, leaves the coat behind and flees. (Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned!) The woman then cries out to the servants and accuses Joseph of attacking her. When Potipher learns of the drama, he has Joseph banished to the dungeons. Just when things are looking up, along comes Satan with a poison apple. And if he can't tempt us to take a bite, he'll try to frame us. So always be on guard dear Christian, because if things are going well, be sure he's plotting against you!


God gave Joseph favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison. He committed all the prisoners to Joseph's hand. The keeper of the prison more or less retired after Joseph was placed there. He just turned everything over to Joseph. What a mighty God we serve! He will always lift us up out of our dispair, even in the dungeon!



God allowed all this to happen to Joseph for a reason. He had to put Joseph in a position where he could be close to Pharaoh. The future of Israel depended on him being the overseer of Egypt's food banks during the coming famine. Have you had something happen to you in the past that you didn't understand until it was over? I would love to hear about it! Please tell me your experience by clicking the mail button below, or click the sign guestbook button and share your story with all my readers! I look forward to hearing from you!


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