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{He was prospering more than them.} 1. Why was Laban and his sons angry with Jacob?

{God told him to return to his homeland.} 2. Why did Jacob leave Laban?

{10.} 3. How many times did Jacob say Laban had changed his wages?

{3 days.} 4. How long had Jacob been gone before Laban found out?

{7 days.} 5. How long did it take Laban to catch up with Jacob?

{Not to speak good or bad to Jacob.} 6. What did God telol Laban concerning Jacob?

{Rachel.} 7. Who stole Laban's images?

{20 years: 7 for Leah, 7 for Rachel and 6 for the cattle.} 8. How long had Jacob served Laban?

{Sent him away empty.} 9. What did Jacob say Laban would have done to him if God had not intervened?

{Galeed,  Mizpah or Jegar-sabadutha.} 10. What did they name the heap of stones they set up as a witness between them? Name one of the three.

{Edom.} 11. What was the name of the country Esau lived in after he left home?

{400.} 12. How many men came out with Esau to meet Jacob as he returned home?

{Divided the people and flocks.} 13. What was the first thing Jacob did when he feared Esau meant him harm?

{Prayed.} 14. What was the second thing Jacob did?

{A present of animals.} 15. What did Jacob send to Esau?

{He wrestled with a man (angel).} 16. What happened to Jacob that night while he was alone?

{The hollow of his thigh.} 17. What part of Jacob's body did the angel touch and place out of joint?

{That he bless him.} 18. What did Jacob require of the angel?

{Israel.} 19. What did the angel change Jacob's name to?

{What his name was.} 20. What question did Jacob ask the man (angel)?

{He said he had seen God face to face and lived.} 21. Why did Jacob name the place where he wrestled with the angel Peniel?

{1)Handmaids with their children; 2)Leah with her children; 3)Rachel and Joseph.} 22. What was the order that Jacob divided his family to meet Esau?

{Jacob bowed 7 times to Esau; Esau ran and kissed Jacob.} 23. How did Jacob and Esau greet each other?

{They bowed down.} 24. How did Jacob's wives and children greet Esau?

{Yes.} 25. Did Esau accept Jacob's gifts?

{No.} 26. Did Jacob return home with Esau?

{Succoth.} 27. Where did Jacob go after he met Esau?

{Build a house and barns.} 28. What did Jacob do at Succoth?

{Bought land.} 29. What did Jacob do at Padan-aram?

{An altar - Elelohe-Israel or God the God of Israel.} 30. What did Jacob build on the land he bought from the children of Hamor?

{She was curious and went out to see how other girls her age lived.} 31. What did Dinah, Lean's daughter do in Gen. 34?

{He took her, lay with her and defiled her.} 32. What did Shechem, prince of the country, do when he saw Dinah?

{No, he treated her kindly because he loved her.} 33. Did Shcechem treat Dinah badly?

{For him to let Dinah marry his son and their daughters intermarry with his sons so they would become one people.} 34. What did Hamor, Shechem's father, ask of Jacob?

{Agreed to it.} 35. What did Jacob's sons do when they learned of this request?

{That all their men be circumcised first.} 36. What condition did Jacob's sons place on the agrement with Hamor?

{yes.} 37. Did all the men of the city agree to be circumcised?

{Simeon and Levi killed them all.} 38. What happened 3 days after all the men of Shechem were circumcised?

{Took the women, children and all the cattle and spoiled the city.} 39. What did Jacob's other sons do after all the men of the city were slain?

{Fled in fear of the other cities around him.} 40. What did Jacob do after finding out what his sons had done to Shechem?

{Bethel.} 41. In chapter 35, where did God tell Jacob to return to and build an altar?

{Their strange gods and their earrings.} 42. What did every one in Jacob's household give to him before they went to Bethel?

{Hid them under an oak tree.} 43. What did Jacob do with the things the people gave him?

{Rebekah's nurse, Deborah.} 44. Who died at Bethel?

{Israel.} 45. What did God change Jacob's name to (for the second time)?

{That he would father great nations and kings and He would give him the same land promised to Abraham and Isaac.} 46. What did God promise Jacob?

{In childbirth.} 47. How did Rachel die?

{A. Benoni (son of my sorrow; B. Benjamin (son of my right hand).} 48. A. What did Jacob name his last son? B. What did Rachel name him before she died?

{Sons of Leah: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun; Sons of Rachel: Joseph, and Benjamin; Sons of Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid: Dan, and Naphtali; Sons of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid: Gad, and Asher.} 49. Name Jacob's 12 sons - the 12 tribes of Israel.

{180.} 50. How old was Isaac when he died?



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