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Meme's Devotions 2003

1. Resolutions! 2. You Are Here! 3. Priorities!
4. Feeling blue? 5. Troublesome Times! 6. He's In The Midst!
7. Destroyed By Love 8. First Love 9. Where Could I Go?
10. In The Garden 11. The Anchor Holds 12. Who's The Boss?
13. Because He Lives! 14. Little Is Much! 15. A Mother's Love!
16. All God's Creation! 17. All The World's A Stage! 18. Idle Hands!
19. Land Of The Free! 20. Where Is Your Power Source? 21. Abide
22. Under His Feet! 23. My Older Brother! 24. Is Your Brook Dried Up!
25. Are You A Homeowner? 26. I Plead The Blood! 27. Give Me This Mountain!
28. Heaven Or Hell? 29. I Will Sing? 30. The Light Revealed!

Meme's Devotions 2002

1. Do You Want To Be Perfect? 2. Are You Warming By The Enemy's Fire? 3. Are You Happy Being You?
4. What Type Are You? 5. Do You Really Listen? 6. Are You Afraid Of The Light?
7. Is It The Sky Or Just An Acorn? 8. Ripples 9. Are You Going Forward?
10. What Is The Greatest Commandment? 11. What Put You In The Valley? 12. What's In A Name?
13. How Do You See It? 14. Who's It Gonna Hurt? 15. Where Is Your Kingdom?
16. 57 Cents 17. What Would You Do? 18. Which Road Did You Take?
19. Be Careful What You Wish For! 20. What Do You Do When God Says No? 21. Whom Do Men Say That I Am?
22. Who Are You In Bondage To? 23. What's Bugging You? 24. One Nation Under God!
25. Are You A Mourning Person? 26. Are You Waiting To Die To Live? 27. Are You Poor?
28. Is Meekness A Weakness? 29. When Can We Quit? 30. How Do You Obtain Mercy?
31. How Pure Is Your Heart? 32. Are You A Plodder? 33. Can God Furnish A Table In The Wilderness?
34. How Dark Is Your Night? 35. What About Me? 36. What's In Your Window?
37. Where Is The Wise? 38. Who Is He Who Overcomes The World?

12 Week Self Improvement Program

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Meme's Devotions 2001

1. This Is A Test! 2. Pass...Or Fail? 3. Why Are Ye Troubled?
4. What Kind Of Noise Are You Making? 5. Do You Need Dancing Lessons? 6. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
7. What Does Heaven Mean To You? 8. Why Me Lord? 9. How Can You Resist The Tempter?
10. How Wide Is The Gate? 11. How Does Your Garden Grow? 12. Can You Count To Ten?
13. Are You Watching? 14. What Have You Got To Lose? 15. What If?
16. Where Is Your Faith? 17. How Will You Die? 18. How Long Did You Pray?
19. What Kind Of Nut Are You? 20. What Are You A Slave To? 21. Why Did You Do That?
22. Do You Want To Be Successful? 23. Who Is Your Comforter? 24. What Hast Thou In The House?
25. What Kind Of Servant Are You? 26. Are You Geared For Climbing? 27. What Are You Standing For?
28. Do You Have A Jericho? 29. What Shall I Do? 30. Are You Peculiar?
31. Do You Provoke Others? 32. Are You Too Comfortable? 33. How Much Stuff Do You Have?
34. Have You Ever Doubted? 35. Are You Pleasing? 36. Are You Trying To Save The World?
37. What Will It Take For You To Praise The Lord? 38. Do You Need A Psychiatrist? 39. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
40. If You Fell Could You Get Up? 41. What Is Hindering Your Race? 42. Does God Forget?
43. How Bright Is Your Light? 44. Are You Living In The Present? 45. Where's Your Sense Of Humor?
46. Are Your Eyes Open? 47. Are You Still In The Tree? 48. Is Life Fair?
49. Who Is A Wise Steward? 50. What Is The Greatest Commandment? 51. Where Is The Star Today?
52. New Beginnings?