JOHN 10:27 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:"


Would you know God's voice if you heard it or would it be lost in all the clutter of life around you? Jesus says in John 10:27 that the way he knows His sheep is that they hear His voice and then follow Him. Would you qualify as one of His sheep? How can we follow Jesus if we can't hear His voice? Sometimes life gets so busy and crowded it seems we just don't have time to get away alone and wait for God to speak to us, and even when we do get a few minutes we are so tired we can't concentrate on God without thoughts from our busy day crowding in. (Or we fall asleep!) God understands how busy we are, but at the same time He expects us to take time out for the important things in our lives and to put Him at the top of the list!

Another thought on listening: Do you really listen to your family members and friends? Or are you too busy thinking about what you are going to say next to really HEAR what they are saying? Your spouse needs you to listen to them when they have a problem; so do your children and your friends. Try these exercises this week:

1. When someone starts to talk to you, really concentrate on what they are saying instead of what your response is going to be.

2. Look at people when they are talking to you; let them know by your body language that you are attentive.

3. Try your best not to complain about anything this week. I know this is hard but all I'm asking is that you TRY. Don't complain to God, either!

4. Find at least one time this week to get off by yourself, just you, your bible and God, and give Him time to speak to your heart. You might be surprised as to what He has to say!



Although my life is busy,
I'm often in a tizzy,
I will set aside some time to pray.
Find a quiet place to hide
And ask God to come inside,
So He can speak unto my heart each day.

And while I'm kneeling there,
With Him in quiet prayer,
I'll try to push all worldly thoughts away.
I'll let my heart rejoice
In hearing God's sweet voice,
Enraptured with what all He has to say!



I hope you can find time this week to "listen" for God's voice. And I also hope you can learn to listen to those around you.

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