II Timothy 2:24 "And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, 25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will."


What type of Christian are you? I was reading a magazine article the other day about body types. There was a diet for the pear shape, one for the long, lanky shape and still another for the short, stocky shape. As I read the totally different food choices for each group, I wondered how people could eat completely different diets and lose weight just because they were shaped differently. This concept does not make sense to me. Then I started to think about all the different types of Christians.

First, there's the couch potato type. They are the ones who do not see any need to make changes or do anything different. They don't see the need to have expansion programs or building funds for the church. They feel like the Church is doing just fine with the people who are coming now so, "leave well enough alone." The same goes for home and work improvements. They are the types who don't see any need to clean out the garage because, "it will just get junked back up again!" This type is content to just lay back and let the world roll on without them. They will never really amount to anything and will never grow into a mature Christian because they are never willing to try anything new.

Next, there's the know-it-all type. This person doesn't want to actually do anything but is always ready to find fault with the way things are being done. They always know exactly how to do everything and are always willing to tell everyone else what should be done and what was done wrong.

The complainer type differs from the know-it-all type in that they wait until someone else finishes a task and then complain that if they had been doing it they would have done it differently (and, of course, better)! It doesn't matter where they are, home, church or work place, they are always complaining about something.

Then there are the scoffers. They are the ones who sit back and shake their heads and say, "that'll never work." Every family, every work place and every church has at least one! And every family, work place and church usually has several busy bodies. These are the people who are always too busy doing their own thing to pitch in and help with anything else. When it comes time to wash the dishes they have to be somewhere. When the church has a clean up day they always have other plans.

And no group would be complete without a BIG I. This type must be in charge. They are not happy unless they are calling all the shots. These are the family members who make everyone else miserable on vacation if things are not going their way. They are your friends who always have to have the last word and the coworker who always says what restaurant lunch take-out is coming from. They are the church member who must be up front leading. They always have to have front and center position! I think I like this type least of all. I know they are harder to work with than any of the others because they just charge in and take over without regard to anyone else's feelings. This person is usually a tiresome know-it-all type with a huge ego and an overbearing personality. I know the world would be a terribly boring place with out all the different types of people but I would be willing to take my chances with boredom just to get rid of the BIG I!!!

Last, but not least, there are the Wills. The Wills are the backbone of the church, family and work place. Wills do the jobs no one else wants. They Will support the church's different programs, they Will listen to the Know-it-all's advise and reassure the scoffers and complainers. They Will work peacefully under the rule of the BIG I (or at least try to). Without the Wills the church would be in ruin in a very short time, the work place could not continue to function from day to day and the family would be in chaos for they are the ones who do the mundane chores day after day. They are the ones who, week after week, plod tirelessly along teaching the classes, leading the singing, playing the instruments, singing in the choir, paying the bills and even cleaning the bathrooms without so much as a "thank you" or "good job." They are the ones who make the coffee, answer the phones and deal with the everyday, unattractive aspects of work. They are the ones who make sure the socks are matched and put in the drawers, scrub the bathtub and toilet and clean the green moldy things out of the refrigerator.

But the Wills get tired and overwhelmed sometimes and feel like quitting. Sometimes they feel so unappreciated and taken for granted they want to drop out of the race. Have you ever felt this way? Let me assure you God appreciates what you are doing. He knows every time you have done your job when you felt bad and every job you have done when no one else would and He is keeping score! Some day you will hear Him say, "Good job child, well done," and that will be worth all the thanks you deserved but didn't receive down here. So don't despair; don't be weary in well doing. Let the scoffers scoff and the know-it-alls boss and keep on plodding along. Keep your spirit sweet and your eyes on heaven and you'll be the one to win the prize in the end!



What type of Christian are you? Did you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions above? Take some time this week and think about your family, workplace and church. If you don't like the type of person you have become you can change for the better. Unlike body types, personality types can be changed. It may take some work, but if you found yourself in an unpleasing category, you can become a Will. If you do not attend church or are not actively involved in your church then shame on you! It is never too late to start. Ask someone what you can do! Get involved! If you are already doing your share (and several other's) don't give up! Just remember...if not rewarded here, you will have a bigger reward in heaven!!!



We the willing,
Led by the unknowing,
Are doing the impossible
For the ungrateful.
We have done so much
For so long,
With so little,
We are now qualified to do anything
With nothing!





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