I Timothy 6:8 "And having food and raiment let us be therewith content."
I Phillippians 4:11 "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

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When will we have enough? Enough money, enough land, enough food, clothes, jewlery, power, time, big enough house, nice enough car?

What is it you have been wanting for a long time? Do you really need it? What would happen if you never got it? Wanting nice things is not a sin but when we want something so bad it causes us to lose sight of all that God has blessed us with it surely must grieve His heart!

This week we are going to examine our lives as a whole instead of picking it apart like we have been doing. What is your existence all about? Why are you here? Surely not just to live in a nice house or drive a fancy car. Is it just about having beautiful clothes and expensive jewlery, or getting promoted at work? What are you doing and what are you planning to be doing ten years from now? Now I didn't say what do you want to have ten years from now. I said what do you want to be doing ten years from now.


A friend of mine once confided in me, "My husband never does one thing to make me happy." HELLO! It is not your spouse's job to make you happy! Happiness does not come from another person or objects. Happiness must come from within. Truly happy people are "fulfilled" people. They have learned to enjoy the people and things God has put in their lives already and not be waiting for someone or something else to make them happy. You don't have to be successful to be happy, either; all you need is a purpose! (And God).

Once again I'm going to ask you to get your journal out. This week I want you to list every reason you can think of, no matter how trivial or silly, that you exist. From taking care of your family to taking care of business at work and even down to feeding the dog! Go back and read your list. Really look at it this time. I'm sure you all have many reasons for living but look closer...do you like what you see or would you like more purpose in life? Is your purpose fulfilling you spiritually and emotionally or do you need more? What do you wish was on that list? Write it down. You can do anything you want, be anyone you want. You may have to work harder to be that person but with the help of God you can change your life's purpose if you really want to!

As you go about your daily tasks this week, I want you to think about, "What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is it really necessary? What could I be doing instead?" Is there someone you know who needs help? Nothing fulfills quite so much as the deep feeling of satisfaction derived from helping someone in need! Is there some art form you'd like to cultivate (painting, learning a musical instrument), or maybe you'd like to try teaching a class in your church? Make a start toward something meaningful this week. A new relationship, patching up an old relationship; only you know what it is you are here to do (you and God). But remember, we are just trying to better ourselves a little at a time. You don't have to decide this week to become a brain surgeon!

So I'm asking you this week to define your purpose. Why did God put you where you are today? If you're not sure ask Him. You might be surprised at His answer!

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Memorize as much as you can of Words Of Wisdom by Mother Theresa. Some of these quotes will pertain to your life more than others so memorize those first.


Can you see an improvement of any kind? If so, keep doing what you've been doing. If not, get started. You obviously haven't been working hard enough!


In your journal, write down as many things as you can think of to be thankful for. From the car you drive to the shoes in your closet. From the freedom you have to your little pet you love so much. Truly count your blessings this week!

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