We are now into our tenth week together! We've observed ourselves and decided what we want to change. We've changed our thinking. We've decided what we expect from God and what we are willing to give Him. We have discovered the condition of our heart and gotten beyond our past. We found out what motivates us and what we need and don't need. We decided that even though life isn't easy, we are going to live for God and that we like being who we are and wouldn't trade places with anyone else we know. What's left?

This week we are going to exorcise our demons! We are going to lose that last 10 pounds, get rid of all the cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate etc. in the house. We are actually going to miss a TV show we are addicted to, get up an hour earlier (or go to bed an hour earlier). We are going to take the phone off the hook and get moving! Whatever it is that you have been putting off doing for the last nine weeks, that is what you are going to do this week!

What do you do with your time? It might be interesting to keep track of how many hours you spend on your personal care, with your family, on the job, doing housework and laundry, eating, watching TV, talking on the phone, reading, on the computer, sleeping, etc. You may be surprised at where your time is going. Once you are aware of where your time goes, you will be able to cut back time you are wasting on something you don't really need to do and use that time on accomplishing one of your goals! For example, if you find you are spending an hour just straightening up the house in the mornings, maybe you could enlist family members to help pick up and put away things before bed at night.

We have three weeks left in the program! What can you do in 21 days? You can start an exercise routine. You can buy the patch and stop smoking. You can start getting up earlier, start a journal or start having your quiet time with God while you take a walk! DO SOMETHING you've been wanting to do. The point is to accomplish something the next three weeks so you can start being the best you can be and feel good about yourself.

I want you to take out your journal (if you didn't start one, just a sheet of paper will do) and make a commitment right now. Do it now, don't wait or you won't do it! Write down what it is you want to do in the next three weeks. Sometime today, I want you to confide in someone what you wrote down, anyone you choose. (If you don't have anyone to tell, e-mail me your choice of commitment!) Be sure not to leave this part out! This will help seal your commitment! Now, you are ready to take the first step. You must do this within the next 48 hours. Don't wait! Twenty-four hours would be better!

You can do anything you set your mind to do but you have to have determination. There will always be obstacles. There will always be excuses. There will always be someone who wants you to do something else! If you are trying to lose weight, someone will always be ready to offer you a piece of cake. If you are trying to quit smoking, there will always be someone to offer you a cigarette. If you are a shopaholic, there will always be something you cannot live without on special! BE STRONG. Rome wasn't built in a day. The reason most people fail at self-improvement is they fail one day or in one circumstance and then give up completely. It will take time to accomplish your goals but you can make a big dent in them the next three weeks. If you have been doing the program all along, you might want to use the next three weeks to start something new or maybe just try harder at what you have already begun. It makes no difference as long as you are going forward! Just remember, time stands still for no one. If you do not go forward the next three weeks, you are at a stand still and will not be any closer to realizing your goals. If you are ever going to accomplish anything in life, you must do it through a series of small steps! But you have to first take those steps. God is not going to make you move forward. He is always there to help you along and to help you over the obstacles. He is always there to listen to you when you have a bad day. But He will absolutely not make you do anything! You must take the initiative. He wants you to succeed! He wants you to be the best you can be! His is in your corner!!!


I have put together some famous quotes about time management, success and reaching goals for you. For your mind exercise this week I want you to read this page and pick out at least one you like and memorize it! Click here.~TIME~

For your spirit exercise, memorize Ephesians 5:15-16.
"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Your physical exercise this week is more house cleaning. Your office desk, kitchen cabinets, sock drawer! What ever needs it most! You can do this...just three more weeks! Just remember, one day, one hour, one minute at a time. We all waste time but just imagine what you could accomplish if you could learn to stop procrastinating and put your time to good use!

Our days are identical suitcases---all the same size but some people can pack more into them than others


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